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Purchase of geared motors

We are buyers of residual items, special items, bankruptcy goods, overhangs and overstocks of geared motors.

We are looking for Stocklot and overstock an gear motors for the purchase of all well-known manufacturers such as Bauer, EBM Papst, Langguth, Nord, Rehfuss, Rotek, SEW, Siemens, ZAE and many more.

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  • We buy gear motors
  • Purchase of geared motors
  • Purchase of gear motors

If you are wondering:

  • "Who buys gearmotors? "
  • "Where can I gearmotors verkaufen? ”
  • "Who looks for gearmotors? "
  • "Where do I sell? gearmotors? "

... and who pays well and processes without problems?

then you are exactly right with MAAS-Import-Export

We clear your warehouse...


The purchase of geared motors is an important aspect in the field of industry and mechanical engineering.

Geared motors are used in various applications,
to regulate torque and speed and thus increase the performance of machines.

Purchasing geared motors can be a profitable way
to sell unused or used equipment.

By selling geared motors, companies can
generate additional income while freeing up space in their warehouses.

Purchase of geared motors by 


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