About us

For more than 25 years now, we have been offering companies in various industries solutions for unused stock material from overproduction or insolvencies. Our values of reliability, flexibility and sustainability provide the basis for our family business. At the same time, our lean structures enable an uncomplicated and fast processing of your orders. We are there for you when you need space.

Development and perspectives


Dirk Maas founds the company MAAS IMPORT-EXPORT in Kiel on 23.04


Expansion of the storage capacity to 500 m² in the new external warehouse in the state capital Kiel. In the same year the move to new offices in Kiel takes place.


New offices and extension of the warehouse to 1000 m².


In this year the cooperation with the logistics partner Petersen Mordhorst Logistics begins.


The first framework agreements with industrial partners were created, which paved the way for long-term cooperations.


Once again the storage capacity is doubled to now 1000 m².


The growth of the company continues and a new headquarters with 6000 square meters of space is developed.


Consolidation of long-term framework contracts with industrial and automotive companies.


Expansion of the storage capacity of the Container Freight Center in Hamburg to 800 square meters.


Planning of a new building on an area of 10000 square meters.

Our holistic approach

Fast, flexible, customized services
Partnership approach to create "win-win" situations
Competent support in the dismantling of industrial assets
Purchase of excess stock and unused industrial assets
Reliable, safe and individual logistic support

Markets and sales

Unsere starke Präsenz im Nahen und Mittleren Osten erschließt alternative Absatzmärkte und unterstützt unsere Kunden bei der Marktbereinigung in Europa.

Your advantages


Supporting our customers in overcoming storage problems


Transfer of industrial products into a second life cycle


Long-term reliable partnership that creates win-win situations


Flexible and individually tailored support for all activities


Increase of investment capital Fast increase of "cash flow" for necessary investments instead of expensive and cumbersome scrapping


Turning "dead" capital into real asset growth and at the same time feeding unused industrial assets into a second product life cycle


Reduce costs, and focus on real needs of unused industrial assets into a second product life cycle


Prepared for change: Increased flexibility to respond to changing market demands


Immediate settlement of the business agreements
MAAS-Import-Export - Wir handeln mit Industriegütern