Our cooperations and long-standing partners

With us, you get a partner at your side who sees reliability and strong partner loyalty as the focus of the cooperation. We trust in creating long-term cooperation.

Because of our partnership, we make it possible for you

  • increased flexibility, which allows you to adapt more quickly to new market requirements and further expand your competitive advantages
  • Needs-based warehousing that reduces your costs and supports concentration/focusing on actual needs
  • an increase in sales that takes into account the aspect of sustainability by converting your unused stock capital into liquidity and feeding these industrial materials to the second product life cycle
  • An extension of your possibilities, where a rapid increase in ''cash flow'' offers the opportunity for necessary and new investments, instead of complex and expensive scrapping

In addition, we would like to refer to our strong presence in the Near and Middle East, which enables a market shakeout of the goods in Europe. In doing so, we open up alternative sales markets for your unused storage capital.

Let our strong partners convince you:

... we would like to thank you for a smooth, uncomplicated and very professional transaction with the sale of the discontinued devices in stock.
We would also like to particularly emphasize the pleasant contact with you and the uncomplicated way of communication, as well as the punctual payment obligations.
With kind regards,

Siemens AG

The disposal and dismantling of the building equipment for the engine assembly line included the logistics and quality area, cold and heat test, transport rails, assembly systems, machines, process equipment with peripheral devices, test cell equipment including cells, ventilation systems, as well as parts from overhead cranes, the power and water supply and the petrol lines with peripheral devices. The scope of work included the dismantling, transport and recycling of all equipment and was carried out professionally and safely. In accordance with the agreements, all areas were cleared and handed over clean.

... we would like to thank you for the smooth and timely processing of the clearance of our warehouse C20. We were particularly pleased with the uncomplicated way of communicating. ...

We will gladly recommend your company.

They asked us for a letter of reference for the successfully completed joint project. We are very happy to comply with this request and hereby give you our recommendation for the professional handling of material acceptance for surface ship construction. Thank you for the pleasant contact and we look forward to further cooperation in the future.

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG
Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH

... during the restructuring of our company from Danfoss Household Compressors GmbH to Secop GmbH, you helped us to clear our auxiliary and operating materials warehouse. We would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank you for your professional and high-quality working methods. Working with you, Mr. Maas, was very pleasant and uncomplicated. All agreements made in advance were 100% complied with on your part. ...

Purchasing manager

... we are happy to give you our recommendation and thank you for the uncomplicated, smooth and very professional handling of our excess inventory.
We look forward to further cooperation.

Supplier Account Manager
GRUNDFOS Corporate Purchase AG
Wahlstedt in August 2015

... I would like to thank you again for the quick and very professional handling of our tender "Motors, fans,..." in the last few days and I look forward to possible further cooperation with our future tender lots...

Head of Production
PHILIP MORRIS Manufacturing GmbH
Munich in July 2008

... your company dismantled, packed and transported standard parts, assemblies and hydraulic systems independently. The projects you have completed with high quality have contributed to the successful completion of the restructuring of our company. ...

Operations Manager
SFB Schönbecker Fahrzeugbau GmbH
Schoenbeck in September 2009

... in connection with our above-mentioned order for the collection and recycling of electric gear motors from our BMW plants, we would like to thank you for the professional and reliable handling and look forward to further good cooperation.
With kind regards,

resource management
Bavarian Motor Works Public Company

... With this letter we would like to thank you for the smooth and professional handling of the collection and scrapping of spare parts from our power plant blocks 5 and 14. The uncomplicated type of communication and the reliable and punctual collection of the spare parts to be scrapped from our warehouse, among other things, led to a very pleasant and successful cooperation. We could always rely on your competence and reliability.
With kind regards,

swb production AG & Co. KG
power plant service
Bremen in November 2017

... the processing was always correct according to the agreements made. Should joint tasks arise again, we are already looking forward to working together. ...

Head of Controlling
Hako-Werke GmbH

... We are very happy to give you our recommendation and thank you for the professional, fast and smooth process in clearing our warehouse area 19. I would also like to particularly emphasize the pleasant contact with you and the uncomplicated way of communication. ...

Augsburg in December 2009