PLM / Sustainability

Our commitment is to give your industrial materials a new life cycle.


  • You bring us the goods or we pick them up (We are always broom clean!)
  • You will be compensated fairly (Everything clarified in advance)
  • We store the goods and restore them in case of emergency
  • Goods are exported by us all over the world to experience a second life cycle.

In the 21st century, the guiding principle of sustainable development has gained particular relevance. It is the responsibility of society to take account of future generations. Thus, it is also our task to live up to this guiding principle. Our task is to provide industrial spare parts, such as electric motors, industrial controls, frequency converters, etc., with a second product life cycle. In doing so, we are a sustainable service provider for the global industry. We are responsible for transferring your discontinued assemblies or stored spare parts into a second product life cycle, thus keeping not only our, but above all your ecological footprint as low as possible.


The newly developed motto “use instead of own” from a sustainability point of view not only has the potential to restructure our society, but above all influences the industry. Why store spare parts or overproduction in large quantities when they can be used efficiently elsewhere? Spare parts, which are stored uselessly for years, can be liquidated by the company and be supplied by us to a second product life cycle. Your advantage here is not only in the liquidation proceeds, but above all in reducing your ecological footprint.


This is how we reduce your ecological footprint:

  • Purchase of your goods
  • Collection/disassembly on site
  • Processing of the individual items
  • Feeding into a second product life cycle under different conditions
  • Final use of the superfluously stored goods


Your advantages:

  • Liquidation proceeds
  • Avoidance of unnecessary storage costs
  • Creation of free storage space
  • Long-term framework agreements
  • Planning security
  • Reduction of your ecological footprint
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